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    Setting conversation-Id via pages.xml

    Christian Douven Newbie

      How can a conversation-id be explicitly set via pages.xml?

      Using the "id" parameter of the @Begin annotation is marked deprecated in the api-doc. But the api-doc says:

      "Deprecated. use in pages.xml"

      The pdf-reference also suggestest to use @Begin, but there is no explanation on hoe to do it via pages.xml.

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          Andy Gibson Novice

          In pages.xml put something like :

          <conversation name="testConversation" param-name="myID" param-value="#{widget.id}"/>

          Then for your page use something like :

          <page ..... conversation="testConversation"/>

          This sets the conversation Id to the value of widget.id, but there are a couple of problems when using the conversation switcher.


          However, for the most part, the good stuff works (like switching to a conversation for a specific widget Id if it already exists).

          The one sticky part I've come across is what to do with new widgets which technically don't have an id until saved.