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    dataTables in RichFaces

    nimo stephan Master

      I have three questions:

      Would it be reasonable to put all the three kinds of dataTable in richfaces:


      into ONE enriched component: rich:dataTable

      All the additional properties of extendedDataTable, scrollableDataTable can be adjusted with additional properties for rich:dataTable.

      This would merges all the functionalities into one component and gives the user the ability to activate the additional properties by self.

      Imagine, you can disable the drag'n drop of table rows(which is really slow at the moment..) in rich:extendedDataTable and leave the sorting/grouping on. Imagine you can use a paginator in combination with a scrollbar and set the height of a rich:dataTable, set a property scrollbar=true, which substitutes the rich:scrollableDataTable.

      Another point is,
      (how) can I use a scroller for a common rich:dataTable?
      Only via css (overflow-attribute?) ??