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    How to invoke modalpanel via pages.xml

    Thiagu Mariappan Novice

      Hai every one

      i my seam 2.0.0 beta1 application user can login the application through the modalPanel. the user can login the application anywhere in our application. so i but the login link in the header part of the application.

      if the user successfully login the application they can able to view the myprofile page

      otherwise i not the user to view myprofile page

      if he try view that page i need to invoke the modelPanel login form
      so i put this line in my pages.xml
      but i always invoke the login.xhtm it wont invoke the modalPane

      <page view-id="/myprofile.xhtml" login-required="true"/>

      any one help me how to invoke the modalpane via the pages.xhtml