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    TransactionalSeamPhaseListener and upgrade seam 2.0

    Rodrigo Souto Newbie


      I migrated to seam 2.0 my project that was using 1.2.1 GA.

      On the seam 1.2.1GA I had a custom TransactionalSeamPhaseListener on the faces-config.xml

       <!-- Seam transaction management -->

      public class MySeamPhaseListener extends TransactionalSeamPhaseListener {
       public MySeamPhaseListener() {
       public void handleTransactionsBeforePhase(PhaseEvent e) {
       // "my code"

      Seam 2.0 doesn't have a Transactional Mannagement on the faces-config.xml.

      What can I do to run "my code" on handleTransactionBeforePhase?