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    page flow question

    pandu purnama Newbie


      ok, to apply page flow rule on all pages i can write <page view-id="*"
      on pages.xml, right ?

      now i want to apply it on all pages except one, login page
      is it possible

      or maybe there's a better solution

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          Jacob Orshalick Apprentice

          Since you don't say, I would assume given your requirement you want all pages to require login except the login page (makes sense). This can be accomplished through the following:

          <pages login-view-id="/auth/login.xhtml">
           <page view-id="*" login-required="true"/>
           <page view-id="/auth/login.xhtml" login-required="false" />

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            Bradley Smith Master

            you can also use basic Servlet-container security to achieve a similar result:


            where 'auth' is a directory in your web application that contains pages requiring authentication. Of course you would not put your login page in the auth directory.