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    Application context beans get null

    Stateless Bean Novice

      I got bean like


      and collection inside this bean, this constant collection for all users.
      When I start serwer, first I set my collection via method.
       public void createLists() {
       if (procentList == null) {
       procentList = new LinkedList<SelectItem>();
       procentList.add(new SelectItem("100", "100%"));
       procentList.add(new SelectItem("90", "90%"));
       procentList.add(new SelectItem("80", "80%"));
       procentList.add(new SelectItem("70", "70%"));
       procentList.add(new SelectItem("60", "60%"));
       procentList.add(new SelectItem("50", "50%"));
       procentList.add(new SelectItem("40", "40%"));
       procentList.add(new SelectItem("30", "30%"));
       procentList.add(new SelectItem("20", "20%"));
       procentList.add(new SelectItem("10", "10%"));

      and here is my problem. 2 days after serwer start, collection setted null, don't know how?

      this is only method where i do anythink with this collection, and don't have any other. Users have acces to this via page like:
      <h:selectOneMenu value="#{}" ?

      Is any explanation how this could set null?
      This problem is not for only one collection, this bean has 4 collections for my app, and when anythink is broken all collections are null.
      Maybe somethink destroys my bean?