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    booking example with maven and tomcat


      I'm trying to package and deploy the booking example with maven in a Tomcat 6.0.10

      I'm following Chapter 21 from seam docs but I'm having some problems to set all dependencies in my POM

      I'm using 3 repositories :

      I have several dependencies registered in my POM

      My first question is this: Is it possible to have all my dependencies in my war file or is necessary some libs in tomcat's classpath ?

      I tryied to copy jboss-seam-1.2.1.GA\embedded-ejb\conf directory and all jboss-seam-1.2.1.GA\lib jars to apache-tomcat-6.0.13\lib

      After that I packaged my project with POM's dependencies

      The main diference between the two projects dependencies is about Microcontainer Configuration

      I can see that in example there is mc-conf.jar in the classpath

      I couldn't create that configuration in My project

      I read in some site that it should be used jboss-kernel instead mc-conf ...

      That would be my second question : How should I proceed to set Microcontainer configuration right ?

      There is another question that is about jboss-seam-booking.jar in booking sample application classpath , why is it necessary to be there ?

      I'm using seam 1.2.1.ga

      best regards