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    Question about HTTP sessions and Seam Session Context

    Ivan B Novice


      Reading a book about Seam Apress.Beginning.JBoss.Seam.Feb.2007 in the section about conversations I've come across the following paragraph:

      So what happens if you want to price out another flight? Well, you could create a
      complex session management tool to keep a map of the session value tied to some ID for
      each of the new sessions. However, most sites do not work that way, because, wow, that?s
      complex. Instead, they usually rely on the user to open a new browser window (which in
      turn triggers a new session to be created
      ) and price out that flight. At that point, you can
      price out your flights. However, it is impossible for those two session objects to know
      anything about each other. Well, there are ways to be aware of the other sessions, but the
      methods that allowed that have been deprecated for quite some time. There are
      advanced tricks you could do, but nothing you want to try in reality. At any rate, what if
      you wanted those two ?sessions? to be aware of each other? What if there was shared data
      between them that you did not want to repeat? Well, you could not do it. However, this is
      the problem that Conversation contexts attempt to overcome.

      As far as I can tell opening a new tab or window does not initiates a new HTTP session, simply because browser will send back all the cookies that was stored while working in the previous window/tab.

      Now the question is, can we or can we not have multiple HTTP sessions within one browser application?