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    Page parameter with h:commandlink

    Aymen Newbie

      I have an

      <s:link view="/Page.xhtml">
       <f:param name="realise" value="true" />

      The Page.xhtml has a backing Statefull Bean (Conversation scope) with an attribute with its getter and setter:
      private boolean realise;

      I have a method in this bean which prints on the console "realise" value.

      When I click on the s:link the page Page.xhtml shows up correctly and the "realise" value is printed on the console.
      When I click on any s:link on Page.xhtml redirecting to the same page everything is Ok.
      But when I click on any h:commandlink with an action or s:link with an action i'm redirected to debug page with this exception:
      Could not set field value by reflection: MyBean.realise on: MyPackage.MyBean with null value

      I also put an f:param in the commandlink but noway!
      What is the problem?
      Using Jboss Seam 1.2.1.GA + JBoss Server 4.0.5.GA