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    upload files to external path/folder

    Hannes Schulz Newbie


      is it possible to upload files into a path/folder that is not located in the web applications' root directory?

      the application's .ear is located in "/path/jboss/default/deploy/myapp.ear"

      Is it possible to upload files e.g. images in a directoy that is located in "/anotherpath/myfolder" and configure the application in a way that i can reference these pictures within a xhtml file.


      <img src="/myimages/picture.jpg"/>

      where /myimages/picture.jpg points to "/anotherpath/myfolder/picture.jpg"

      or /myimages --> /anotherpath/myfolder

      I'm not looking for a solution where i specify the path in a way like:
      <img src="http://..."/>

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