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    CRUD TestNG embedded EJB3

    Markus Heidt Newbie


      I'm using the Seam 2.0.0.Beta1 (CVS.2007-09-20_09-35-21)
      and AS 4.2.1.GA

      I just created a new project via seam new-project.
      Now I wrote a simple TestNG Test for Authenticator.

      The deploy works fine but when using seam test, the log variable is not set.

      Reading JBoss Seam - Simplicity and Power Beyond Java EE chapter 21.4 I thought that I need to "core:ebj installed=true"-embed ejb3.

      Before I do this I would like to ask if the describtion is still valid for Seam 2.0 as the book is based on 1.2

      Shouldn't seam new-project create a valid build.xml!? Shall I submit a request?

      Kind regards,
      Markus Heidt