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    Seam and Plain Hibernate 3

    Estevão Freitas Newbie

      Hi folks,
      First of all I'd like thanks this community and seam's developers for building this wonderful framework. This is the best thing I learned and used since Spring. It's easier, simpler and more powerful than any other development framework.

      I'm using Seam in a variety of projects, the problem is sometime the application is so simple that Hibernate is everything I need. So two questions came to my mind: when I want to use plain Hibernate, will I have to use the example called "hibernate2"? Is this example using Hibernate 2 or Hibernate 3?

      The second problem is sometimes I just can deploy the application through the war file and I don't have access to tomcat installation path, and then I can't put the database driver inside of tomcat library path like is needed to use the example called "hibernate2". So is it possible to put the database driver inside of war file?

      I hope someone can help me. If someone can, Seam will be perfect.

      Thanks to all,
      Estevão Freitas