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    HOW: Various ways to get form values into Java (EJB/Pojos/et

    Saeed Iqbal Novice

      What are the various different ways to get form values from JSF back into EJB/POJOs/Java please? I guess i may be asking for configuration to initialize components for jsf. earlier in regular projects we do that same thing in faces-config.xml

      I am constantly getting that dreaded

      Target Unreachable, 'tickets' returned null on 'org.javassist.tmp.java.lang.Object_$$_javassist_0'

      In our Seam Blog example we post a new post and have values that use #{blogEntry...} . Which I saw we have a @Factory defined here in BlogEntryService.java
       public BlogEntry createBlogEntry()

      Similarly in Hotel Booking example we do not have @Factory so i am wondering how do values go in there ? #{hotelBooking... when submitted to

      public void setBookingDetails()

      Please explain how to pass values back into seam components and initialize them.

      I have spent alot of time with seam-gen and reading seam books before asking this question. Oh and seam-gen seems like it has bugs. I don't recommend anyone using seam-gen except for generating entities and copying them over to projects. Thanks