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    communication between two web app

    Jan Peti Newbie

      I would like to ask if it is possible to let two (or more) web applications communicate between each other in the same container on a simple interface base, without rmi(@remote) or @webservices. Of course using seam!
      To be more exact, lets say one deployed application(app A) should be as a server and as second deployed application(app B) should use some services from app A(app B should be possible to invoke business methods of app A through an interface).

      Im asking if it is possible, if so were can I find more info about this concrete problem(communication among app in the same container) or which way should I go/look/made my research/what words should I google, etc?(I know it is possible through mentioned rmi, or webservices, the point is to find other way using seam, because I heard that it should be possible but how it wasnt sad:)