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    Target Unreachable

    Saeed Iqbal Novice

      I am getting this exception
      Exception during request processing: javax.servlet.ServletException: /createTicket.xhtml @29,71 value="#{createTicket.tickets.subject}": Target Unreachable, 'tickets' returned null

      tickets is an entity bean as defined like this

      @Table(name = "tickets", catalog = "test")
      public class Tickets implements java.io.Serializable {

      and the JSF form has this value

      <h:inputText id="subject" required="true"

      and my action object in java has this

      public class CreateTicketBean implements CreateTicket {
       @In EntityManager entityManager;
       private Tickets tickets;

      How do i make sure the values get passed from JSF to the backing bean ? What am i missing here?

      In regular generated code, we have forms that access entityhome using .instance, but i dont see that type of usage in examples so i am kind of confused.

      please help