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    Some of my unscheduled jira issues that I think should be sl

    Matt Drees Master

      I just wanted to bring up some of my jira issues that I think are easy to fix and/or relatively important, and I think should be included in 2.0GA (or at least 2.0.1). I'm not making demands, just suggesting things that I think will be beneficial for Seam.

      - Very simple fix; bug breaks session usage in tests

      - This can be very confusing, especially if a newbie tries to put components in collections. Potentially a two-sentence documentation fix. Or apply my patch.

      - This could be a one-sentence fix. And I think it's a very important thing to document. Otherwise, a newbie might do something like

      @In String name;
      setName(String name){
       this.name = name;

      and be very confused why component.setName("joe") is effectively a no-op.

      Wrong documentation is very bad. Easy to fix (remove a paragraph).

      If there are ways I can contribute to fixing these, let me know.

      And many thanks to the Seam dev team for their hard work. Especially Pete.