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    cannot access method using seam and ejb3

    Giannis Margaritis Newbie

      I have a sample application (seam-ejb3-richfaces).
      In one page i want to use <rich:tabPanel> and a valueChangeListener so that to get events when i change tabs.
      It seems that the valueChangeListener fires the events but when it tries to execute the method i get the following warning.

      WARN [lifecycle] /projecttype.xhtml @73,90 valueChangeListener="#{projecttype.changeTab}": Method not found: TProjecttypeAction:a00a-2idpbn-f71lr7w3-1-f71ls2aq-a.changeTab()

      I post some code that can help :

      public interface TProjecttypeInt {
       String changeTab(ValueChangeEvent evtHandle);

      Session Bean
      @Scope (SESSION)
      public class TProjecttypeAction extends Search implements TProjecttypeInt{
       public String changeTab(ValueChangeEvent evtHandle){
       if (!evtHandle.getOldValue().toString().trim().equalsIgnoreCase("edit")){
       if (currentPknId !=null && !currentPknId.trim().equalsIgnoreCase("")){
       pknId = Integer.valueOf(currentPknId);
       tProjecttype = em.find(TProjecttype.class, Integer.valueOf(currentPknId));
       tabName = evtHandle.getNewValue().toString();
       return "/projecttype.xhtml";

      <rich:tabPanel selectedTab="#{tabName}" valueChangeListener="#{projecttype.changeTab}">

      I cannot figure out why this happens if someone can give a hint
      thank you