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    iso-8859-1 characters

    Nicklas Karlsson Master


      I'm using JB 4.2.1GA, JBoss 2.0.0CR1 and ICEFaces 1.6.1/facelets and I'm struggling with international characters, I have tried various output declarations and content-type encodings but I haven't found any combination that would allow for all of these

      * iso-8859-1 chars directly on the page
      * iso-8859-1 chars in resource bundles
      * iso-8859-1 chars in css references
      * iso-8859-1 chars in URLs from s:link (correcly encoded)
      * iso-8859-1 chars in f:selectItems

      Does anyone have a working setup that he/she would consider sharing?

      Thanks in advance,