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    Defining a URL where files can be retrieved relative to a co

    Yogesh Novice


      It might not be where i should post this but since this is according to me the most active forum on jboss, i thought of trying my luck. Please bear with me ;0)

      I am trying to implement a Rich Text Editor (FCK Editor) in my web application which uses JBoss Seam. The Rich Text Editor needs to support File and Image Browsing.

      For this purpose, all files or images needs to be uploaded on a directory which can be accessed via the application server.

      Normally with Tomcat, this directory would be a subdirectory within the project's root directory and could for example be accessed like that


      I have been using Tomahawk earlier with JBoss and had to store files to a local directory on my server (for example C:/mywebapprepo).

      The files can easily be accessed as long as i am running my web app locally but not from an external user.

      What i need is to create a link to that local store ....

      For example


      should point be to C:/mywebapprepo on my local disk

      Can anyone enlighten me on how to do this ?

      Jankee Yogesh
      M-ITC LTD