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    DataTable example does not clean form with validation error


      Since I don't know if it is a bug on RF or on live demo, I'm posting on forum first.

      Steps to reproduce the error:
      1. Go to DataTable demo "Edit Table with ModalPanel" (great demo - I love it)
      2. Click on any "edit" button
      3. Replace "Make" and "Model" with anything (let's say "XXX" and "YYY")
      4. Replace "Price" with an invalid value (like "AAA")
      5. Click "store" (it will give a validation error)
      5. Cancel by clicking on "X"
      6. Try to edit any row

      Expected result: the modal panel must show information from the selected row

      Actual result: the "price" shows the correct value, but "make" and "model" shows "XXX" and "YYY"

      I tested on FF and I didn't find any workaround, yet... Any ideas?

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          After a lot of trial-and-error, I found a solution. The problem is the component tree, that keeps invalid values when a validation error occurs. What do you do when a branch is rotten? Cut it off:

          public String cancel() {
           UIComponent uic = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getViewRoot().findComponent("editForm");
           return null;