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    Binding HtmlDataTable to h:dataTable in Seam

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      Is it possible to do the following in Seam1.2.1.GA? I need a solution for a dataTable that can handle a dynamic column resultset from stored proc.

      snippet of .xhtml:

      <h:dataTable value="#{userRoleSearch.myList}" var="myItem" binding="#{userRoleSearch.dynamicDataTable}"/>

      snippet of userRoleSearch SFSB:
      public HtmlDataTable getDynamicDataTable() {
       if (dynamicDataTable == null) {
       return dynamicDataTable;

      The @DataModel Seam annotation exposes an attribute of type java.util.List to a JSF page as an instance of javax.faces.model.DataModel. The <h:dataTable> supports data binding to a collection of data objects represented by a DataModel instance.


      In this case, I am not using @DataModel and the return type is HtmlDataTable which dynamically replaces the <h:dataTable> rendering based on the # of columns in the resultset.

      The solution above works fine with JSF + managed bean, but it doesn't work with Seam (I get JSF h:dataTable tag formatting error).

      Will I need to use a hybrid Seam SFSB + managed bean approach?? thx.