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    Architecture Issue

    Sven Mueller Newbie


      i would like to use spring + jboss seam + jsf but in the moment i'm wondering how could do this:

      i have an interface CatalogService which provides several business services i have to use. this services gives access to an e-commerce plattform from a third party manufacturer. i do not use any orm frameworks like hibernate etc. but only this service:

      CatalogService (excerpt)
      -Product retrieve...()

      The service returns entities of the e-commerce plattform like products, catalogs and so on.

      How could i design the architecture to retrieve data in a jsf (e.g. to show it in datatable). this whole action has to be in a conversation scope. Any thoughts or ideas how this could be done? i didn't find an example that fits to my problem because most of them use an entitymanager which i can't...

      Thanky in advance,

      ps: i do want to use because i need the conversation scope and a few other nice things like pdf-templates etc.