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    How does seam determine web client's context default 1st pag

    roxello Newbie

      Hello -

      I've been working with facelets examples from the JBoss Seam book
      using JBoss 4.0.5 w/ ejb, seam 1.2.1, java 1.5_10. Its time to write
      an app of my own, but I have not been able to figure out how to
      configure the 1st page served.

      So for example if the context is 'booking' and the browser url is
      entered as:


      jboss/seam will return home.xhtml as

      If browser url is entered as

      I can specify any page I want in the index.html Refresh.
      Similarly can specify any page using <to-view-id> in navigation.xml,
      but this requires a page already rendered in the browser.

      I've repeatedly trawled files in the resouces directory and elsewhere
      without finding what I think I am looking for. There is no initial client
      generated outcome, while no session bean method returns 'home',
      so how does it work?

      Behaviour is the same for other examples so this is a generic question.

      How can I spec/configure the context default 1st page?