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    Question on Injection an Context

    Hannes Schulz Newbie


      i have some trouble propably because of a misunderstanding with resrouce injection.

      I have a Stateful bean in conversation scope. The bean is responsible for managing some user input. The user data is stored in an object (calculation) which is injected in the manager bean.

      public class CalculationManagerBean implements CalculationManager {
       @In Calculation calculation

      Now on a special page i want to manipulte a list wich is an attribute of the calculation object. I thought a component with ScopeType.PAGE is a good candidate to offer the methods to add change and remove list elements. So i wrote a component which injects the calculation object.

      public class ListManager implements Serializable{
       Calculation calculation;
       List<ListItem> list;
       public void addItem() {

      I want to save the manipulated list in the calculation object whenever the list changes. The problem is that if i call the setter method it has no effect on the calculation method.

      I guess is accociated with the scope, so conversion is longer than page. But i dont have a proper solution or a better way to achieve what i want.

      Help would be great.