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    Template and Nested EL Expresssion

    Tilman Rossmy Newbie

      I have several managed beans that lookup a list of database records and implement an Interface (SeamAction) with one method public void find() . In order to provide paging for the results I would like to have a template like this:

      <s:link action="#{seamAction.find}" rendered="#{previousExists}"
       value="||" id="firstPage">
       <f:param name="firstResult" value="0" />
      <s:link action="#{seamAction.find}" rendered="#{previousExists}"
       <h:graphicImage id="previous" alt="previous" url="/images/arr-l.gif">
       <f:param name="firstResult" value="#{previousFirstResult}" />
      <s:link action="#{seamAction.find}" rendered="#{nextExists}"
       <h:graphicImage id="next" alt="next" url="/images/arr-r.gif">
       <f:param name="firstResult" value="#{nextFirstResult}" />
      <s:link action="#{seamAction.find}" rendered="#{nextExists}" value="||"
       <f:param name="firstResult" value="#{lastFirstResult}" />

      However if I use the template in a page like this (myAction is an implementation of the SeamAction interface, with
      @Scope(ScopeType.CONVERSATION) )
      <ui:include src="fragments/tableControl.jspx"rendered="#{resultList.rowCount gt 0}">
       <ui:param name="seamAction" value="#{myAction}" />

      the action 'seamAction' is not found.

      Somebody knows how to get it running (I'm using seam 1.2.1GA)?