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    Possible to change flushmode through EL action?


      I want to start a pageflow with a FlushMode of manual from in a element. I can easily start it without a defined FlushMode:

      <action execute="#{conversation.begin(true, false)}" />
      <action execute="#{pageflow.begin(usher.flow)}" />

      but when I add the following into the mix I get an error:
      <action execute="#{conversation.setFlushMode(FlushModeType.MANUAL)}" />

      I understand why that error occurs (no instance bean named "FlushModeType" can be found), but I'm wondering if there's any other non-hackish way to get it to work? Something that's beyond my current understanding of Unified EL/JBoss EL?

      If not, my solution will be to add a "setFlushModeManual()" method to my Hacks stateless bean...