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    Dublin Core, MODS and METS

    Morten Jensen-Hole Newbie

      If we were able to add artifacts to the System Repository in DNA through some UI, would you provide a way to add metadata properties in accordance with one of the practices being used such as Dublin Core?

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          Randall Hauch Master

          Yes, by allowing the user to add additional properties to something their looking at (e.g., an artifact page/view) and pick from a list of things like DC properties (or whatever is configured).

          Ideally, the system would be smart enough to maybe first offer a list of properties that were recently added to (or are commonly used by) other nodes of the same type. So if "dc:contributor" were used on many of the "Service" nodes, then maybe that's in the initial list of "More properties...".

          I think this approach is good because it doesn't require admins to manage the set of properties that should be displayed for each node type (or mixin type). Instead, it allows the users to add what they need when they need it, yet have the system "learn" by what's been used previously.