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    el processor ignoring errors

    John Smith Newbie

      Can anyone explain the thinking behind seam el not throwing an exception if it comes across a unknow el expression?

      for example;

      <h:outputText value="#{listInvitedUsersInFolderService.firstItem + 1} ... #{listInvitedUsersInFolderService.itemCount < listInvitedUsersInFolderServicefirstItem + listInvitedUsersInFolderServicebatchSize ? listInvitedUsersInFolderServiceitemCount : listInvitedUsersInFolderServicefirstItem + listInvitedUsersInFolderServicebatchSize}"/>

      This output is not displayed, but the page is with no errors. I mistakenly omitted some full stops, it should be :

      <h:outputText value="#{listInvitedUsersInFolderService.firstItem + 1} ... #{listInvitedUsersInFolderService.itemCount < listInvitedUsersInFolderService.firstItem + listInvitedUsersInFolderService.batchSize ? listInvitedUsersInFolderService.itemCount : listInvitedUsersInFolderService.firstItem + listInvitedUsersInFolderService.batchSize}"/>

      To reiterate, why does the seam el processor not compain about the first expression? just out of interest you see..

      thanks (using seam1.2.1, faclets, jboss 4.21)