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    project jar never gets scanned on startup

    Dustin Norlander Apprentice

      I have a large project that I am splitting into too separate ear files. I have modified the build script and config files to build two different ear files (two different build targets). I've almost got it working but I have hit a wall: the main jar file never gets scanned for components.
      that is,
      +project.jar <--never gets scanned

      I know there is some config param I am missing but I can't figure it out.

      I get this:

      13:10:52,858 INFO [EJB3Deployer] Deployed: file:/home/dustin/rhdevstudio/jboss-eap/jboss-as/server/default/deploy/trend.ear/trend.jar/

      but it never scans.

      my jboss-app.xml

      my application.xml
      <application xmlns="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/javaee"
       xsi:schemaLocation="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/javaee http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/javaee/application_5.xsd"
      <!-- Seam and EL -->

      Any help is appreciated,