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    How to abandon a conversation?

    stephen.friedrich Novice

      Ok, I now about the propagation attribute and about s:conversationPropagation.

      It does not work for me, because I am using Trinidad's Xml menu and tr:commandNavigationItem as a stamp to render it.

      Docs for s:conversationPropagation:

      Customize the conversation propagation for a command link or button (or similar
      JSF control).

      Is there really any "similar JSF control" for which it works? What does "similar" mean anyway? At least it seems like tr:commandNavigationItem is not similar enough.

      So: Is there a way to either declare in pages.xml that a page does not use conversations, e.g. something similar to "end-conversation":
      <abandon-conversation before-redirect="true"/>

      Or else is there a way to do that programmatically, like

      Or finally: What else could I do to integrate Seam conversations with an unsuspecting component set?