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    including CSS and other html elements - context problem

    Jacek Zebrowski Newbie

      Suppose i have my app at

      wich gives us /foo/ abs. context.

      now CSS file is in
      /foo/css/mycss.css (its /css/mycss.css in WAR file)

      now i have my layout template at :
      /layout/a.xhtml (WAR path again)
      and my views in :

      now when i switch views app context changes so i cant bind relative path to css (ie for 1st view its : ../css/mycss.css and ../../css/mycss.css for second)
      i could reference the absolute server path that is : /foo/css/mycss.css
      its better but still is dependent on app context. so is there a way to reference app context in my facelet view ?