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    error while parsing ajax response

    gouri c Newbie

      After the ajax response is returned, DOM is not getting updated and I get the following error in the log window:

      debug[1:20:17,475]: Header Ajax-Expired not found, search in

      error[1:20:17,475]: Error parsing XML
      error[1:20:17,475]: Parse Error: XML Parsing Error: Reference to undeclared namespace prefix: 'ric'.
      Location: Line Number 0, Column 0:^

      I am rerendering a panel group component and the panel group component has html elements with 'ric:' attributes. Is there any way that I can tell the ajax xml parser to accept the 'ric:' attributes.

      code snippet :
      <t:panelGroup id="myPanel">
      <table ric:height="300" ric:width="600">
      ----- ------