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    DataModel/dataTable  for rendering 2 tables

    michael wolfe Newbie

      I am trying to develope a Real Estate System with Sellers and
      their listings. I have one-to-many Sellers to Listings. I am
      having a problem rendering in via JSF/Facelets a DataTable
      that display fields from both tables ie Seller and Listings.

      I am using a Join Fetch to join all sellers that have listings. I can
      see from log.info that the query works and all fields from both
      tables are being pulled from the database.

      in my JSF page i can say:

      etc. which works fine

      when i try sellers.listings.mls

      this does not work and i get an error that 'mls' is an unknown
      field. If i try other fields from the listings table the same results.

      Is it possible to render fields from 2 tables via the dataTable and
      if so what is the way to do it?

      - Michael