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    FR: Make all Seam-originated internal FacesMessages optional

    Przemyslaw Jaskierski Newbie

      Is it possible to make Seam to not produce any FacesMessages with it's internal informations? I've hit some topics on this and AFAIR only way was to "override" default message etc.

      C'mon - most of our applications are focused on a common user's that don't want to see strange message that "Conversation has expired OR was processing another request OR ..."... Seam even produces a generic "Welcome" message after logging in... What for? Most of these cases are handled by us anyway, with proper redirect or message and the way that Seam tries to put it's low-level, not-meaningful-for-a-common-user messages in every <h:messages/> found on a random page is strange. These things should be simply handled by producing a log error on a debug/info level, not jumping into the face of a user... This brings no value at all anyway...

      Maybe generic configuration parameter that would disable Seam's oververbose h:messaging?

      Should I fill a FR for this? What do you think?