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    Error running TestNG with Seam-gen created app inside Docume

    Jeremy Davis Newbie

      Seam snapshot from Oct 5.
      JBoss 4.2.0.GA

      Just a note in case anyone else encounters this problem.

      I got errors running the build.xml "test" target after generating a new app with seam-gen.

      I got the error "You need to specify at least one testng.xml or one class"

      I fixed that by adding a testng.xml, and the test ran; however, there were errors in the output.
      "Error parsing meta data jboss-local-jdbc.rar"

      Looking through the output I noticed that there was an io.FileNotFound for "C:\Documents%20%and%20%Settings." The actual file was referenced correctly in several of the other lines, but I decided to start over with seam-gen and put the folder directly on the C drive with no spaces.

      It worked.