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    how to generate dynamic id of tag?

    Andrew Batman Newbie

      i have a list of commodities and want to generate id of <a:outputPanel> that corresponds to commodity.id . then i am going to rerender particular <a:outputPanel> with ajax, but not all of them.
      but #{currentCommodity.id} doesn't occur in result id :

      <a:repeat value="#{listCommodities.getCommodities()}" var="currentCommodity">
       <a:outputPanel id="#{currentCommodity.id}spinbox">

      result html:
      <span id="j_id2:0:spinbox">450</span>
      <span id="j_id2:1:spinbox">451</span>
      <span id="j_id2:2:spinbox">550</span>
      <span id="j_id2:3:spinbox">601</span>
      <span id="j_id2:4:spinbox">500</span>