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    SEAM remoting problem



      I have two classes. One is the POJO that maps on a table in my db. This is a simple class with getters and setters(the name of the class is Project). I have a ProjectManager class which I want to remotely access in javascript. I will post only the code for the ProjectManager class.

      public class ProjectManager implements GeneralManager {
       @In(required=false) @Out(required=false)
       private Project project;
       private UserSession userSession;
       private Session hibernateSession;
       public List<Project> getProjects() {
       List<Project> projects = hibernateSession.createQuery("from Project p").list();
       return projects;
       public String persist() {
       return "dataPersisted";
       public String delete() {
       return null;
       public String update() {
       return null;

      When I access the getProjects method through javascript it works great. No errors there. My problem is when I try to parse the list that is returned by the method. I just don't know how to parse that array. Any clues?

      This is the js code.
      function processData() {
       Seam.Remoting.displayLoadingMessage = function(){};
       Seam.Remoting.hideLoadingMessage = function(){};
       function projectsFoundCallback(result) {
      // process results