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    Application Context availability

    harpritt k Novice

      Hiya gents and ladies.... (i wish there were more female programmers)

      My Seam app is coming along really really well... im extreamly chuffed with it.... i actually feel a bit guilty for having had so much fun using SEAM.....

      anyway, im writting a servet that gets initialized durring application start to act as a global notifier of resource availability.

      what i want it to do is simply check a resource e.g. my cvs server and it to add a parameter to the application context indicating its status.

      i can then check the application context from anywhere in my app for resource status.

      im having a shed load of trouble trying to get a hold of the Application context

      public void init(ServletConfig config) throws ServletException {
      // Add parameter to Application context ... ARGGHHH!

      .. ive got myself very confused... to the point where i cant even remember what the difference between the application scope and context are... google aint helping....

      Anyway .... all help as allways is greatly apprieciated.