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    Again - conversation and browser refresh

    Alexander Mashtakov Newbie

      I'm doing the same thing as it was in the following post
      i.e. menu which should end old conversation and start new one on
      selection. Here is a snippet from my pages.xml:

      <page view-id="/admin/*">

      <rule if-outcome="prod.mgmt">
      <end-conversation before-redirect="true" />
      <redirect view-id="/admin/item_list.xhtml"/>

      <page view-id="/admin/item_list.xhtml">
      <begin-conversation join="true"/>

      I noticed (and found the similar issue on forum) that refreshing
      the browser's window starts a new conversation again. Here are
      my questions:

      1. Does any workaround exist on this ?
      2. In case if conversation holds SFSB with EXTENDED persistence
      context and this conversation is duplicated (suppose by refreshing the
      browser) - do all copies references the same persistence context ?

      Thank you in advance,