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    Redeployment problems with WebRemote

    Fredric Newbie

      I have a WebRemote function which works well - part from one thing.
      Every time I do some change to the application and redeploy it, the remote function doesn't work. I get the JS error

      Seam.Component.getInstance("cabinView").getRemoteCabin is not a function

      If I check the generated script (seam/resource/remoting/interface.js?cabinView) it's almost empty.

      The only way I know how to break this error, is to shut down JBoss completely, and reload it. . .

      There must be another way, perhaps I need to reload some other files the the ones I reload now at deployment.

      I use exploded archives while developing and I redeploy by copying the changed resources and do the following:

       <touch file="${ear.deploy.dir}/META-INF/application.xml"/>
       <touch file="${war.deploy.dir}/WEB-INF/web.xml"/>
       <touch file="${jar.deploy.dir}/META-INF/ejb-jar.xml"/>

      Perhaps I'm missing something here, I guess I don't know JBoss as good as I should :-P