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    Refresh dataTable

    gar jar Newbie

      I have on a jsf page a EmployeeEdit and at dow of page I have rich:dataTable that has EmployeeErrors. Employee has relationship with EmployeeEdit. one to many.
      I can display EmployeeErrors that have Employee but when I save the form, there are a process that eliminates some lines of EmployeeError.
      If I see database the EmployeeError has been deleted correctly, but on gui the only way to see the changes is doing logout and login.
      I don't know how to refresh this datatable.

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          Damian Harvey Master

          If I understand you correctly, your method is deleting the associated EmployeeErrors from the database. In order to see this reflected in the DataTable you should also ensure that you remove them from the list that the table is based on.

          For example: If your dataTable has a value like #{employeeHome.instance.employeeErrors} then your method should do both of these: