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    Evaluating Seam

    Ricardo Marques Novice

      Hi Guys

      I evaluating some tecnologies for start the development of a portal system, Seam ringed my bell because I want to use EJB I need to develop using componentes like in Faces.

      But i recently develop my first seriouslly application in Faces and honestly i get disapointed by the way the navigation is handled and how we work around to work with GET and POST parameters, bean initialization and updated url's.

      So does Seam enhance this? Can I work with GET and POST parameters easily?

      On the ORM layer, for what I seen Seam uses EJB persistence, well i was thinking using persistence with Hibernate, just simple because I have so know-how about it, so Seam + EJB + hibernate is peacefull?

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          Andy Gibson Novice

          Seam removes most if not all the pain with parameters, get requests, bean initialization, and well, basically everything else. Seam offers a couple of different models of navigation, from a JSF style, to a full work flow style.

          Regarding Orm, if you use JPA, with the hibernate provider, you can slip into hibernate mode by using the getDeletegate method. Seam also documents how you can set up the hibernate delegate as a seam component.

          Download it, go through the docs, and have a look at the examples.