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    PropertyNotFoundException, something I am overlooking...

    Michael Griffith Newbie

      Hello All,

      I am trying to implement a search function, and I have been using the seam booking demo as a reference. I am not sure how my code is materially different from the example, but I am getting this error:

      javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: /DeliverableSearch.xhtml @21,113 value="#{deliverableSearch.searchString}":
      Property 'searchString' not found on type org.javassist.tmp.java.lang.Object_$$_javassist_5
      I cannot get past this and I know its something simple...
      I have a form:
      <h:form id="searchCriteria" styleClass="edit">
       <rich:simpleTogglePanel label="Deliverable Date Search" switchType="ajax">
       <s:decorate template="layout/display.xhtml">
       <ui:define name="label">From Due Date:</ui:define>
       <h:inputText id="searchString" value="#{deliverableSearch.searchString}"/>
       <div class="actionButtons">
       <h:commandButton id="search" value="Search" action="#{deliverableSearch.search}"/>

      And my session bean:
      public class DeliverableSearchAction implements DeliverableSearch, Serializable {
       Log log;
       private String searchString;
       EntityManager em;
       private List<Deliverable> deliverables;
       public void search() {
       log.info("Deliverable search from: " + searchString );
       deliverables = em.createQuery("select d from Deliverables d").getResultList();
       public void reset() { }
       public void destroy() { }
       public String getSearchString() {
       return searchString;
       public void setSearchString(String searchString) {
       this.searchString = searchString;

      I must be missing something somewhere, but this looks exactly like the examples to me.

      Oh, I realize the search isn't actually being performed here, I am just unsure why I am getting the EL error!

      Any help would be appreciated!