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    selectOneMenu with a long long list of options

    Ivan B Novice


      Is there a way to "integrate" selectOneMenu with rish:suggestionBox, so that users could use manual input, but at the same time their options were limited to a pre-defined list of values? The problem with rich:suggestionBox alone is that it allows to send only what's in the "value" box, and not the value of the object itself (in contrast to selectOneMenu which allows declarative selection).

      Let me list here what is needed:
      1. Ability to select object from the list (in the manner of f:selectItems)
      2. Manual autosuggestion (cause the list can be loong)
      3. Separation of Labels from Values (like selectOneMenu, real values are hidden from user)

      If anyone could suggest any possible solution I would appreciate. Any hints would be also very very welcome, as I'm relatively new to JSF :)