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    EntityQuery and s:selectItems ???

    Terry Apprentice

      Please help, I can't seem to get "h:selectOneMenu using s:selectItems and s:convertEntity" working with EntityQuery. My search pages is based on seam-gen's MyEntityList example.

      i am not sure if it is even possible?

      I have oneToMany between User and UserSecurityRole. On the UserSecurityRole search page, I would have a pulldown list with all users. I would simply like to restrict UserSecurityRole results to the value selected in User pulldown.

      My JSF:
      <h:selectOneMenu value="#{userSecurityRoleList.userSecurityRole.user}" id="user">
       <s:selectItems value="#{userAll.resultList}" var="user" label="#{user.username}" noSelectionLabel="All users"/>
       <s:convertEntity />
      <framework:entity-query name="userAll"
       ejbql="select u from User u"
      public class UserSecurityRoleList extends EntityQuery {
       private static final String[] RESTRICTIONS = {
       "lower(userSecurityRole.id) like concat('%',lower(#{userSecurityRoleList.userSecurityRole.id}),'%')",
       "lower(userSecurityRole.user.id) like concat('%',lower(#{userSecurityRoleList.user.id}),'%')",
       private UserSecurityRole userSecurityRole = new UserSecurityRole();
       public String getEjbql() {
       return "select userSecurityRole from UserSecurityRole userSecurityRole";
       public Integer getMaxResults() {
       return 25;
       public UserSecurityRole getUserSecurityRole() {
       return userSecurityRole;
       public List<String> getRestrictions() {
       return Arrays.asList(RESTRICTIONS);

      I don't get any errors, but my selection is ignored. I think I loose user pulldown value in UserSecurityRoleList. I could really use some help here.