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    Seam with iText and RTF support

    Alexander Seitz Newbie

      Hi Seam-Community,

      in our project we are working with the itext library and Seam.

      We need to generate RTF documents. According to the Seam-documentation, there is basic support for outputting in RTF format.
      Is there any reference where I can find the supported seam-tags for RTF? From what I have tried unfortunately there is no support for the <p:table>, so generating a table structure in RTF (we really need this!) is not possible out of the box with Seam. However, the itext library itself supports tables for RTF according to the itext-documentation.

      Is there anybody who played around with rtf-based output using itext in Seam and can give me some hints how to use tables in RTF?

      Thanks and regards,


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          Norman Richards Master

          As I recall, itext uses completely different structures for pdf tables and non-pdf tables, making it very difficult to write a generic "table" component. Since the RTF and HTML generation was more of a toy idea, I didn't spend any time on it.

          If you feel like doing some coding, I'll be happy to point you in the right direction and make sure the code gets in. Otherwise, I'd suggest opening a JIRA issue and getting others to vote on it. If there's enough interest, we could add RTF support to the roadmap.

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            Alexander Seitz Newbie


            Thank you very much for the fast anwser :-)
            Right now I am using indentation on <p:paragraph> to solve my problem. But thanks for offering your support. I will drop you a note when I feel like doing some coding concerning tables for RTF! :-)