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    Problem with variable argument list logging

    Tomas Petersson Newbie

      Hello, i have a problem with logging. In the Seam reference, chapter 3.6. Logging, it says:

      Seam provides a logging API that simplifies this code significantly:

      @Logger private Log log;

      public Order createOrder(User user, Product product, int quantity) {
      log.debug("Creating new order for user: #0 product: #1 quantity: #2", user.username(), product.name(), quantity);
      return new Order(user, product, quantity);

      But when I try:
      log.debug("delete() deleting entity: #1", entity.toString() );

      I get this output:
      delete() deleting entity: #1

      not the expected:
      delete() deleting entity: <to_string_of_my_entity>


      Regards, Tomas Petersson