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    restrict tag in pages.xml

    Slava Slava Newbie

      Hi, I've encountered quite strange Seam behavior in my project.
      I setup security framework and it works great for restricting access to mehods
      (in EJB) and to UI elements (in *.xhtml with s:hasRole).
      All security exceptions redirected to default security page.
      Now I setup page security in page.xml:

       <page view-id="/page1.xhtml" login-required="true">

      Access to this page granted although I see AuthorizationException in log file.
      If I redefine default exception page:

       <exception class="org.jboss.seam.security.AuthorizationException">
       <redirect view-id="/error.xhtml">
       <message severity="WARN">Access denied</message>

      Than access to page1 restricted and I redirected to error.xhtml.

      Did I miss something and exception page definition is mandatory for security configuration in page.xml?

      My environment is glassfish-v2 and jboss-seam 2.0.