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    Facelets variable injection?

    Sean Burns Newbie


      I am busy building a custom facelets component that I will use like this

      <tns:autoForm compvar="#{testList}"/>
      <tns:autoForm compvar="#{anotherTestList}"/>

      Where testList and anotherTestList are List objects that has been outjected by seam.

      Now on the component side of things I can use the variable "compvar"
      <h:dataTable var="item" value="#{compvar}">
      <h:outputText value="#{helper.compVarSize}/>"

      Now the trouble I have is with my "helper" component that has the method getCompVarSize()... I need access to whichever variable is passed to my component (testList or anotherTestList).
      Idealy I would like to write this piece of code

      public class SomeExample {
       List compvar; // this does not work
       public String getCompVarSize() {

      This of course does not work becasue compvar is not a seam component... does any one know how I can do this?