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    accessing hidden field values in a SFSB

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      does the scope of the SFSB matter when you're trying to access hidden field values from a .xhtml page?

      I know that Seam defaults to conversation scope if you don't set it explicitly (which is the case in this SFSB) but does that affect retrieval of the hidden field values via the FacesMessage object as follows?:

      FacesContext fc = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
       Map map = fc.getExternalContext().getRequestParameterMap();
       String rowIndex = (String) map.get("rowIndex");

      here, rowIndex is the id of the <h:inputHidden> tag in the .xhtml. It's showing as null when I output it to the server.log.

      How do I access the value of this hidden variable? I know, I posted this in the Richfaces forum as well...

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          Arbi Sookazian Master

          I tried accessing the rowIndex, for example, in the SFSB via the SessionContext Seam object and that returned null as well...

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            Dustin Norlander Apprentice

            In your example, you would want to use a normal

            <input type="hidden" name="rowIndex" />

            rather then <h:inputHidden>

            or else change this

            (String) map.get("rowIndex");

            to the actual generated name of the field (something like formName:rowIndex).


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              Arbi Sookazian Master

              thx for reply. I tried the <input type="hidden" .../> as below, but the setter methods are still not being called for these hidden fields. The way I have to reference the hidden fields is different now (no a4jForm prepended to it).

              setNoteText() is being called ok.

              <!DOCTYPE composition PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
              <ui:composition xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"
              <ui:define name="body">
               <script type="text/javascript">
               function processNote(rButton, rowIndex, colName) {
               //if they clicked no, popup modal response window for note
               if (rButton.value == 'false') {
               //if condition below is optional; there are no other rButtons on the form at this time...
               if (colName == 'accountApproved' || colName == 'secLevelApproved' || colName == 'adjLimitApproved') {
               siteId = document.getElementById("mainForm:dataTable1:"+rowIndex+":siteId").value;
               employeeNumber = document.getElementById("mainForm:dataTable1:"+rowIndex+":employeeNumber").value;
               alert('rowIndex = ' + rowIndex);
               alert('siteId = ' + siteId);
               alert('employeeNumber = ' + employeeNumber);
               alert('colName = ' + colName);
               Richfaces.showModalPanel('mp',{width:450, top:200, param1: rowIndex, param2: colName, param3: siteId, param4: employeeNumber});
               //set hidden variables in modalPanel form
               document.getElementById("rowIndex").value = rowIndex;
               document.getElementById("colName").value = colName;
               document.getElementById("siteId").value = siteId;
               document.getElementById("employeeNumber").value = employeeNumber;
               function editNote(obj) {
               value1 = 'Please edit your note';
               Richfaces.showModalPanel('mp',{width:450, top:200, param1: value1});
               <h:messages globalOnly="true" styleClass="message"/>
               <rich:modalPanel id="mp" minHeight="200" minWidth="450"
               height="200" width="500" zindex="2000" onshow="alert(event.parameters.param1); alert(event.parameters.param2); alert(event.parameters.param3); alert(event.parameters.param4)">
               <f:facet name="header">
               <h:outputText value="#{noteAction.header}" />
               <f:facet name="controls">
               <h:graphicImage value="/img/icon_edit.gif" style="cursor:pointer" onclick="Richfaces.hideModalPanel('mp')" />
               <a4j:form id="a4jForm">
               <h:inputText value="#{noteAction.noteText}"/>
               <input type="hidden" id="rowIndex" value="noteAction.rowIndex"/>
               <input type="hidden" id="colName" value="noteAction.colName"/>
               <input type="hidden" id="siteId" value="noteAction.siteId"/>
               <input type="hidden" id="employeeNumber" value="noteAction.employeeNumber"/>
               <a4j:commandButton value="submit" action="#{noteAction.submit}" onclick="Richfaces.hideModalPanel('mp')"/>
               <h:inputText value="#{securityAuditAction.networkId}"/>
               <h:commandButton value="Submit"/>
               <h:form id="mainForm">
               <h:outputText value="No Direct Reports" rendered="#{myAuditList != null and myAuditList.rowCount==0}"/>
               <h:dataTable id="dataTable1" value="#{myAuditList}" var="myRow" rendered="#{myAuditList.rowCount>0}"
               bgcolor="#F1F1F1" border="10" width="100%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"
               dir="LTR" frame="hsides">
               <f:facet name="header">Employee Name</f:facet>
               <!-- siteId and employeeNumber hidden fields are used for all radio buttons -->
               <h:outputText id="empName" value="#{myRow[0].id.employeeName}"/>
               <h:inputHidden id="siteId" value="#{myRow[0].id.siteId}"/>
               <h:inputHidden id="employeeNumber" value="#{myRow[0].id.employeeNumber}"/>
               <f:facet name="header">SiteId</f:facet>
               <h:outputText value="#{myRow[0].id.siteId}"/>
               <f:facet name="header">EmployeeNumber</f:facet>
               <h:outputText value="#{myRow[0].id.employeeNumber}"/>
               <f:facet name="header">Account Approved?</f:facet>
               <h:selectOneRadio value="#{myRow[1].icomsAccountApproved}" onclick="processNote(this, #{myAuditList.getRowIndex()}, 'accountApproved')">
               <f:selectItems value="#{securityAuditAction.securityAuditRadioButtons}" />
               <h:graphicImage value="/img/icon_edit.gif" onclick="editNote(this);"/>
               <f:facet name="header">Security Level Approved?</f:facet>
               <h:selectOneRadio value="#{myRow[1].securityLevelApproved}" onclick="processNote(this, #{myAuditList.getRowIndex()}, 'secLevelApproved');">
               <f:selectItems value="#{securityAuditAction.securityAuditRadioButtons}" />
               <h:graphicImage value="/img/icon_edit.gif" onclick="editNote(this);"/>
               <f:facet name="header">Adjustment Limit Approved?</f:facet>
               <h:selectOneRadio value="#{myRow[1].adjustmentLimitApproved}" onclick="processNote(this, #{myAuditList.getRowIndex()}, 'adjLimitApproved');">
               <f:selectItems value="#{securityAuditAction.securityAuditRadioButtons}" />
               <h:graphicImage value="/img/icon_edit.gif" onclick="editNote(this);"/>
               <h:commandButton value="submit" action="#{securityAuditAction.submit}" rendered="#{myAuditList.rowCount>0}"/>

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                Arbi Sookazian Master

                ok thx bro. your 2nd suggestion worked:

                FacesContext fc = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
                 Map map = fc.getExternalContext().getRequestParameterMap();
                 String rowIndex = (String) map.get("a4jForm:rowIndex");
                 log.info("rowIndex = " + rowIndex);
                 String colName = (String) map.get("a4jForm:colName");
                 log.info("colName = " + colName);
                 String siteId = (String) map.get("a4jForm:siteId");
                 log.info("siteId = " + siteId);
                 String employeeNumber = (String) map.get("a4jForm:employeeNumber");
                 log.info("employeeNumber = " + employeeNumber);

                the correct values were outputted in the log. this stuff is such a pain in the ass, wow....